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Alambrada que separa una base aérea del exterior

It’s the beginning of the sixties.

Released from prison, Amparo Martínez picks her daughter Candela up at the orphanage. She decides to start from scratch. Leaving the city behind, they move to a small town. There, blue-collar workers are required at the expansion of the Spanish-American Military Air Base premises. Like everybody else, Amparo aims to working for the Americans, because they pay in dollars. This would allow her to buy the house she’s promised Candela. However, Amparo hides her true reason: she’s scared to death of someone taking her kid away. That is why she tries to hide her at a different country: the American premises.        

Personaje de Candela

They come across Anita. She is “La Florida” estate maid. Chacha, as she is called, does not trust the “foreigners”, because they can expropriate her small piece of land, named “Padrón de los Pericos”.  She refuses to lose it, because her only child is buried there.

Whereas they wait for the Americans to hire Amparo, she offers to work at “La Florida”. Candela, a rebel from birth, hates the countryside. She’d rather not stay. But Amparo convinces her: “it won’t be for long”. The wind changes as Amparo learns she can’t have the maid job at the Americans, because she has criminal records.

Nevertheless, supported by Rosa, a woman unhappy about her maid job and about her sexual orientation, and by Espantapájaros, a boy who scares birds by hammering a tin at the estate and who is friends with an American pilot, Amparo finds a way to get the job: criminal records won’t be necessary. But her dream won’t come true: there is fatal accident, her benefactor is badly hurt and he is taken to another base.

At the beginning, Candela is fascinated by the Americans. But her opinion changes when she meets Eduardito, the estate owners’ son. He’s an artist restrained by his parents and understands the American accent easily.  

Anita’s land, where her daughter is buried, is eventually expropriated. They are about to exhume her. At the very last minute, Chacha decides she must stay where she is and be part of the Americans’ premises. Anita offers the women to move downtown with her.

Technical specifications

  • Screenplay & Direction: Pepa Álvarez
  • Film format: Movie.
  • Runtime: 90 minutes.
  • Film genre: Drama.
  • Production company: Arabia Films